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The Six Types Of Gaps

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 The Six Types Of Gaps

These six types of gaps are not absolute because each woman’s body is unique and there are some variations but they are a good reference point when it comes to categorizing the gaps. The kind of clothes and if she is shaved may also effect the look of the gap.

1.The Wide Gap is a sweet sight indeed and is a little rarer than the other 5 types. It is of course wide, but it is also short and doesn’t extend far down the thighs. If you are a fan of the gap this one will drive you crazy when you see it.

2. The Heart Gap is similar to the Wide Gap except it is smaller in size and resembles a heart shape. Some Wide Gaps become Heart Gaps after she gains some weight in the thighs. This type of gap is often paired with a very nice ass.

3. The Mini Gap is smaller then the Heart Gap and is usually the shape of an upside down triangle. If you see a gap on a thick girl this is usually the type of gap it is.

4. The Sliver Gap is basically a Heart or Mini Gap that has a thin extension of space that goes down further between the thighs. Sometimes the thighs actually touch closing the thin space off and open it up again a little further down.

5. The Missile Gap is basically a Wide or Heart Gap with a wider extension of space between the thighs that comes together at the knees giving it the characteristic beautiful missile shape.
6. The Complete Gap extends from the poon tang all the way down to where the feet come together at the ankles without the legs touching. This type of gap is usually seen on thin women but can also be seen on other body types. This type of gap is kind of rare and is always a treat to see.

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First things first here's a Girls With Gaps Happy Mother's Day or MILFS DAY to all of the Mother's out there and especially the MILFS with the gaps yah yah yah. Gaps aren't only for the young girls because as you can see from this pic the older girls can have gaps too. is the premier gap appreciation site on the web. Be sure to check out the Gap Battle and vote for your favorite gap photo.